Movie Reccommendation: Amreeka

31 Jan

As a (beginner) student of the Arabic language, this movie caught my eye because I recognized the phonetically spelling of the Arabic word for “America”. I finally got around to watching the movie this weekend.

The movie is set in the early stages of the War in Iraq. The story is simple, a Palestinean woman and her teenage son travel to America to start a new life away from the turmoil of the Gaza strip. The plot focuses on their culture shock in a post-9/11, wartime America.

Although some aspects of the plot seem somewhat contrived (a pot-smoking, punk-rock, antiwar cousin who shows, Fadi the teenage son, how to ‘be cool’ in America- you may recognize Alia Shakwat from Arrested Development, Whip It) the movie is a reminder of the cultural attitudes toward Arabs in America so strong during the first half of the past decade- attitudes that have persisted today.

These cultural themes are communicated through the context of, Muna – the hardworking, compassionate and hilariously self-deprecating protagonist. Reminiscent of “A Raisin in the Sun” it is a story of a family just trying to get by in a hostile and frightened world.

Note: If you get the DVD be sure to watch the short film “Make a Wish” in the bonus features


One Response to “Movie Reccommendation: Amreeka”

  1. isathreadsoflife February 7, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    I absolutely loved this film ! Isn’t Muna a wonderful actress and woman? Everyone should see this film especially now in these troubled times in the Middle East. Prejudices won’t help understand any situation. Thanks for sharing this recommendation.

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