16 Feb

Life is peppered with moments of supreme happiness. Living on my own for the first time, I’ve learned to appreciate the simple, solitary things that enrich and ennoble my life- that give me a spring in my step and a glint in my eye. My personal absorption of the world that allows me to relish my independence instead of wallow in loneliness:


When the lights go out in a theatre. You take your seats. Shed your coats. Determine how good or bad your seats are. You examine the theatre. It’s beautiful, must be old, recently renovated, and unusually small, where is the stage- something like that. You talk with whoever you came with- perhaps about the theatre, about the play, about other unrelated things. And then, always unexpectedly- the lights dim, and suddenly go out. Conversations end abruptly. Perhaps music plays. That moment never fails to take my breath away. I close my eyes and focus on the feeling. In that moment, the audience, in communion with the players is transformed. In that moment we all enter the world of the play. Until the lights come on again we are in that world- wherever it is for better or for worse.


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