17 Feb

Life is peppered with moments of supreme happiness. Living on my own for the first time, I’ve learned to appreciate the simple, solitary things that enrich and ennoble my life- that give me a spring in my step and a glint in my eye. My personal absorption of the world that allows me to relish my independence instead of wallow in loneliness:

Diving. I learned how to dive when I was ten or eleven. My first dive was a running dive all the way down a log dock, building speed in preparation for the plunge.  A final propulsion from the edge of the wood sends me head first at top speed straight down into the water. I’m not one for pools-the water is too blue, I am constantly aware of the chemicals. I grew up swimming in a small, manmade lake-cool clear and familiar. I also prefer diving to jumping. A dive is a moment of perfect solitude- a fleeting departure from the world. Cold, fresh, cleansing- a brief moment of uninhibited weightlessness. Perhaps the best part of a dive however is remerging to the world of sun and sound and the knowledge that as delicious as moments of solitude are, they are nothing but self-inflicted isolation without the equal opposite joy of coming back to the surface.


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