Yes, Yes, Yes, No.

7 Mar

Last weekend I went on a bit of a movie-watching spree. I watched 2 movies Friday night and 2 Saturday night for a grand total four late night laptop screenings. Here is the rundown in the order I watched them:

Yes! To Cate Blanchett as a Scottish woman working as a spy for England in France during World War II.

Yes! To the costumes, which make me want to YouTube how to videos about 40s hairstyles, go to any and all consignment shops in search of vintage garb, and purchase a tube of red lipstick.

Yes! To Billy Crudup as the Jew-hiding, revolutionary, Commnist with good intentions, Nazi-resisting romantic interest. Watch out for emotional turmoil, beautiful kisses and lots of intensity.

Yes! To Michael Gambon (Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies) as an old French man- caustic at first but quicky revealed to have a soft center.

Yes! To director Gillian Armstrong, whoalso directed Little Women.

Yes! To shots of the French and English countryside.

Yes! To Charlotte Gray.

                                                                                       Yes! To a believable family! From the irresponsible-yet-charming brother (Luke Wilson) to the caustic sister with the NPR tote (Rachel McAdams)

Yes! To a great ensemble: Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Dermot Mulroney, Craig T. Nelson, Claire Danes, Luke Wilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tyrone Giodorano, Brian J. White and Elizabeth Reasor

Yes! To awesome names: Thaddeus, Sybil, Everett, Susannah!

Yes! To laughing and crying and believing it.

Yes! To Thaddeus and his partner Brian. Thaddeus is deaf, so the family signs everything casually as they speak.

Yes! To family Christmases!

Yes to a bittersweet ending.

Yes! To identifying with Claire Danes and Rachel McAdams’ characters.

Yes! To The Family Stone.

Yes! To Forest Whitaker’s Oscar-winning lead performance.

Yes! To James MacAvoy’s performance.

Yes! To James MacAvoy’s body.

Yes! To a look at the background of the problems in Uganda today.

Yes! To the context in which the portrait of this horrible dictator was framed. (His relationship with his young Scottish doctor)

Yes! To making me think differently about Africa.

Yes! To The Last King of Scotland

Yes! Yes! Yes! 1000 times yes.

A warning: there are some pretty graphic scenes and images in this film, proceed with caution.

No! To a worn out and unenergetic plot line.

No! To the mediocre stream of consciousness musical- DeLovely did it better!

No! To Kate Bosworth. (Except: her resemblance to Sandra Dee is striking)

No! To hating Frank Sinatra, I will not suspend my disbelief so far to go along with that one.

No! To mediocrity in general.

No! To the weird wedding night scene.

No! To a pretty typical story.

No! To Beyond the Sea.


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