Health Care Reform Bill

23 Mar

The recently passed House health care reform bill has generated a lot of buzz. This ‘buzz’, as observed on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, seemed haphazard- and while not necessarily uninformed, half-informed at best. Hoping to form my own honest and more fully informed opinion, I set out to find out exactly what is actually in the bill. With all the hype, (positive and negative alike) it’s hard to get a straightforward account of the substance of the bill. I was hoping a quick Google search would do the trick, but I should have known better- more opinion and ceremony than actual substance filled the 29,100,000 Google hits for health care reform.

So, for the frustrated fact finder- here is what I found after a more informed search: is a great online magazine that covers the same broad range of topics as a traditional newspaper. I turn to Slate for straightforward, detailed- but easy to understand- news coverage. This article is from the Slate ‘Explainer’ series, which offers a breakdown of complicated issues in the news.

Health Care Reform FAQ

Another great piece can be found in the similar magazine,

10 Things To Know About Health Care Reform

If anyone else has a similar article feel free to share! Information is power!


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