Reccommendation: Carla Bruni, Comme Si De Rien N’Etait

24 Mar

As the above cover art would suggest, Carla Bruni’s album Comme Si De Rien N’Etait  (As If Nothing Had Happened) is a soft and natural album- full of rippling melodies and a soft, natural sound. I listened to the entire album on a long bus ride- and it was the perfect music for reflection as I watched the flat landscape roll by outside my window. Most of the songs are in French (after all, they are sung by France’s first lady), a few in Italian (her first language) and one in English. The mix of romantic languages rolling from the tongue with the grace and serenity makes for an extremely pleasant listening experience. The fact that  I have very little knowledge of either French or Italian did not impede my listening experience. In fact, the foreign language takes the focus off the lyrics and onto the music- making it an ideal soundtrack for studying or writing papers. Also a great accompaniment to slip into sleep with. Just be sure to stay awake at least long enough to hear my favorites, Notre Grande Amour Est Morte (Our Great Love Is Dead) and You Belong To Me (The only English song). Mellow, natural and soothing-Carla Bruni is a great find for anyone looking for music to study to, to dream to or just to think to. Enjoy!


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