Reccommendation: Food Rules by Michael Pollan

7 Apr

First of all, I love the size, shape and design of this book. Seven inches tall by four wide, glossy cover, simple yet striking use of bright green in the great image of the peapod, title and binding. As an avid bedside reader, I appreciated this book’s compact readability for tired arms late at night.

Inside this lovely little volume, as the title would suggest, are 64 rules…about food.The basic goal of the text, as stated in the Introduction, is to simplify what we eat and how we eat. His food philosophy can be boiled down to:

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”


Pollan is critical of the relatively new field of nutrition science and giant food producers. He sees food as more than the sum of its component parts.  It is simply laid out, each rule listed in large print at the top of the page and a small paragraph expaining it fills the second half of the page.

It’s a quick read- but very helpful for the intelligent consumer of food. And, I think it’s  safe to say after reading this book you will find yourself eating more veggies, drinking less soft drinks, and even looking up your local farmer’s market! Hooray for real food!


3 Responses to “Reccommendation: Food Rules by Michael Pollan”

  1. Sue April 7, 2010 at 10:09 am #

    Makes me feel bad about the “meal” I JUST ate! Maybe since it is so short it should be read daily…like praying the Our Father

    • mzoobek April 7, 2010 at 10:15 am #

      It definitely has a guilt trip factor. Key to that are rule #60 and #64


  1. Food and Class in Newsweek « That Curious Love of Green - November 24, 2010

    […] The article doens’t comdemn the foodie as much as the title would suggest. (Good news for those among us who, like me, dream of someday putting a chicken coop, organic vegetable garden and mini orchard in their backyard) In fact, it champions the locavore movement. It simply points out the phenomenon-referencing of course the Messiah of local food Michael Pollan. […]

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