Reccommendation: Cruddy by Lynda Barry

21 Apr

As the cover would suggest Cruddy takes place in a world of browns, oranges and reds. Blood, desert and dirt. This postmodern noveau Gothic novel is not for the faint of heart or the faint of stomach. The New York Times description of Cruddy as a work of “terrible beauty” was spot on. The book is snidely humorous, sickeningly gory and poignantly painted. It is a story of lost identity, of brokenness, of decay. It is the story of a girl, with a secret- a story she has finally found it within herself to tell. Her story takes us from her Cruddy hometown all the way to the “Lucky Strike Motel” massacre- a journey she took with her incredibly dangerous and unredictably abusive father as a child. Cruddy is stark and horribly sad- an examination of what it is to be a “corroded” person living in a “cruddy” world.


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