My Favorite Little Chicago Bookstores, Part 1

25 Apr

1. AfterWords: This is a killer combo of independent new books and a giant used library. I have passed this shop many times on my way to other things- but I just stopped in at the reccommendation of a friend the other day. The shop is well organized (by subject) and divided into two sections- new books on the ground level and used books in the basement. A couple of cats, Great selection of relatively new used nonfiction and fiction. For leather binding and musty old tomes look elsewhere- but for an interesting find in very good condition look no further.

My purchases: The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights by John Steinback ($10) and 2 tiny paper journals ($1.50 each)

Off the red line Grand stop at 23 E. Illinois St.

2. Europa Books: This was a rare and awesome find! A bookstore devoted to FOREIGN LANGUAGE books. I am in love. I love perusing the selection here, which is so different from your usual fare. They have a great selection of Harry Potter books in every language from Polish to Arabic. Plenty of children’s books, popular novels, magazines and newspapers. In the basement, you’ll find a wide variety of language learning systems and books as well as foreign language dictionaries. Also in the basement is a library of European literature that had me glossy-eyed with awe – as a  lover of language,  I long for the day when I can go to Europa and buy any French or Arabic volume my heart desires and start reading on the train home.

My purchases: Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ($11), Al-Aghrab an Arabic newspaper ($3.50), 2 Quint Buchholz postcards (around $1.25)

Off the red line Chicago stope, 832 N. State St.

3. Bookworks: in Wrigleyville is a classic used bookstore. Organized by catagory, the shop is crowded, but organized. The slightly musty old book smell is faintly detectable. A GREAT selection of classic fiction and literature and a GREAT selection of poetry- all at fabulous prices. Also, a very cool section devoted to old leather-bounds. These books are gorgeous- not so affordable- but definite eye candy. All-in-all an A+ shop-perfect for those few dollars burning a hole in your pocket.

My purchase: Walt Whitman: The Complete Poems ($3.50)

Off the red line Addison stop, 3444 N. Clark St.


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