Kibera Paper

16 May

At a recent seminar I attended on international work and study opportunities, I had the lucky opportunity of happening across a marvelous organization called Kibera Paper.

Kibera Paper is based out of Nairobi and named after the city’s notorious slum- the largest urban slum in Africa. The area houses over 1 million people (according to on a proportionately tiny piece of land. Kibera is an area of extreme poverty- with families living in shacks made of cardboard and corrugated metal. In Kibera, as in most places, poverty breeds a myriad range of social problems, from sewage disposal to drug abuse.

However, a good idea can bring a glimmer of hope to even the most dire of places.

The women of Kibera Paper may have found a ticket out of the slums in the form of gorgeous handmade greeting cards. With pricing equivalent to a Hallmark greeting card ($2-$3 each), these cards are more than reasonably priced. Not to mention, they are wonderfully crafted- veritable pieces of art. I am thinking about buying one not to write in, but to frame.

The speaker I heard talk about Kibera paper told an anecdote about a woman who is going to be able to move out of the slums within the next year thanks to her income from Kibera Paper.

If you are interested in buying cards, check out the website at

The way I see it, it’s a do-good shopping experience on all levels. Buy a card -> help women in Kenya get a leg up -> Enjoy the delicately crafted greeting card -> Write a heartfelt note to a friend -> Who will recieve the card and have a brighter day as a result.

It’s the definition of Win-Win.


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