Shall We Kiss?

19 May

In anticipation of my imminent study of French language I have begun to seek out all things Franophone. (note my purchase of Le Petit Prince, mentioned in an earlier post). While I acknowledge that the dedicated study of Amelie Poulain is not quite the fastest avenue to fluency, I am picking up some vocabulary that will hopefully be helpful in the near future. Not to mention, French films are simply delightful.

I should mention that my consumption of these French delicate films that will be sure to pop up from time to time in future posts are made possible mainly via NetFlix “watch instantly”. I must be late to the NetFlix world, but I am so impressed at the selection provided and ease of the service. With the click of a button I have access to an entire library of domestic and foreign films. I am walking on air!

Anyways, the movie in question today is called “Shall We Kiss?”. It is a marvelously sweet French film about the dangerously slippery slope from frienship to romance.

Take a look:


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