Man On Wire

22 May

This 2008 Best Documentary Oscar, Man on Wire winner tells the story of wirewalker Philippe Petit’s exhilarating walk from one World Trade Center building to the other. It tells the story from the beginning, introducing all his friends and associates and detailing the work and background research that went into the walk. I found Philippe’s friends description of his almost magnetic artistic personality especially interesting. His girlfriend Annie describes him as seeing “every day as a work of art”. The interviews with Philippe are indeed dynamic.

An interesting aspect of the movie is the unspoken connection with the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The towers have become an almost universal symbol of the attacks, and it is difficult to discuss them without conjuring up images of their destruction. The film does not mention the tragedy, but focuses exclusively on the walk. I think precisely by not directly dealing with the attacks, the filmmakers have been sensitive and intelligent in the handling of that subject. Here, juxtaposed with this international symbol of tragedy, is a story of exhilaration, of sheer scale, of humanity beating the odds and defying gravity.

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