Pittsburgh’s Strip District

5 Jul

Greetings from Pittsburgh! This weekend has been one of many trips to my father’s native city, trips usually filled with family picnics and holiday festivities- and of course, given that it is 4th of July weekend, there has been no lack of picnics and cookouts. However, this time we were able to pepper in a little something extra- a short foray into the city of Pittsburgh- tourist style. Of course, we (we being a plurality of cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents) took a ducky boat tour (Quack, quack, quack). And I must say, in defense of the ducky boat tour company, the tour narrator, even with his consistently, sheepishly delivered punny duck jokes, was excessively attractive.

Duck boats aside, the real point of my post is our next stop- The Pittsburgh Strip district. I had heard my dad talk about the strip before, always vaguely picturing a line of bars and restaurants like the famous Primanti’s Brothers restaurant- my only concrete point of reference for the strip.

Primanti's famous sandwich!

However, upon exploring the district for little more than half an hour, I was promptly charmed and intrigued by it’s gritty, eclectic atmosphere. The enticing aroma of fresh donuts wafting out of “Peace, Love and Little Donuts, Fresh cut flowers and farmers market style produce at Stan’s open-air market and multiple open air vendors selling everything from Polish sausage to wontons. One of my definite destinations on any subsequent visits will be Mon Aimee Chocolat- a cafe and chocolatier that looked simply splendid! Needless to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised by this vibrant spot, buried in the potato salad and hot dogs of previous visits. If I had brought a camera I would supply a personalized photo tour, but seeing as I didn’t,  a few Google Images will have to suffice!

St. Stan's Catholic church

I have a soft spot for streetside flower vendors

A bookstore too?!

Yes, please.


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