My Gaga Evolution

7 Jul

My life as a Gaga fan  has been a slow evolution from absolute dislike, to total admiration. I think I can pinpoint the origin of my fandom when a friend suggested I You Tube: “Lady Gaga acoustic”. This was, I think, either right before or right after Paparazzi. I was so pleasantly surprised by her oh-so-solid,  rock star, melodic voice, I instantly changed my Gagameter from, “Why do people like her” to “She’s so awesome acoustic”

This is awesome! Acoustic Gaga is still definitely my favorite Gaga (needless to say I have mad love for Speechless) So, at this point, I’m interested. Obviously, she has a little more depth than I had at first thought- so I decide to give her a second chance. At which point, I watch the Paparazzi video.

At this juncture it is important to note, that I’m not into pop stars. The only set radio stations in my car are the two NPR stations I can pick up. The last time I was really aware of anything going on in popular music was when my 3rd grade self stuck her nose out of the first Harry  Potter book long enough to realize I should probably choose which N*Sync boy I was in love with. (Full disclosure: I chose Lance Bass.) So, my new found love of Gaga was a big deal for me. I guess, like most people I was attracted at first by the sheer spectacle of her performance art: see below.

“Amidst all of these flashing lights I pray the fame won’t take my life”…Was she trying to say something here or was I just trying to nurse my anti-pop persona back to health? Why did I love Gaga so much? Maybe it was just because of the blood and guts and burning pianos- because her performance was the only one I heard about? Maybe so. But, behind the blood, guts and burning pianos, I soon learned that there was a personal dimension of Gaga that made her public persona all the more fascinating.

She is a real person! What? I had become so used to the big spectacle that I forgot that, she is still a 24 year old woman. She grew up in New York. Went to a Catholic high school. Dropped out of NYU to write and perform full time in New York (during which time she worked as a burlesque dancer!?) and eventually found her way to “the fame”.

So maybe it’s because she’s big, gaudy and eye-catching, maybe that’s all there is to it. But I think there’s something a little deeper to Gaga’s work. I love how she plays with this fine entanglement of art and fame- their mutual exclusivity tied in with their mutual dependence. A veiled criticism of a culture wrapped into an overt celebration of that same culture. Aside from that, it is always refreshing to see a strong, overtly sexual, independent female artist at the top of the charts!


One Response to “My Gaga Evolution”

  1. Annwithane July 9, 2010 at 6:08 am #

    I truly accredit you with my love of Lady Gaga. You introduced me to her acoustic songs… thank you!!

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