Fortnight Facebook Fast

26 Jul

So, I did it. As the 500 millionth Facebook user signed on, I signed off…at least for the next 2 weeks. Considering my natural reflex upon encountering an Internet browser and a keyboard is to quickly type “f”…which quickly autofills into this is quite the feat.

Now, it seems so silly that a two-week hiatus from my virtual social network of choice requires more than good old-fashioned self-control. In fact, I had my mother change my password and throw away the key- to be retrieved in two weeks. What can I say? The constant contact with my witty, entertaining and interesting acquiantances is so delightful! However, the downside of my addiction becomes apparent when I find myself-in the wee hours of the morning- clicking through the -SUMMAH 2010- album of a friend of a friend.

The eventual goal of this affair is to reduce my usage of Facebook on a regular basis. Like any addict, I could have gradually phased it out- but I figured I’d go extreme and do a series of cleansing fasts that eventually will lead to my tasteful plan of checking the blue-and-white vixen of a website no more than once a day. Harder. Than. It. Sounds.

I plan to spend more time…reading, studying French, doing crafts, cooking, blogging and doing other constructive activities. My brain feels stronger already. Let’s do this thing.


On a related note, this New York Times article on the dangers of the internet’s tendency to record with an efficiency that seems to be catching up with us. Not really a factor in my absence from Facebook- but definitely another reason to think hard about the way I use the internet to share personal information.

And, to remind me why I do actually love me some Facebook or more, to remind me how socially relevant Facebook has become, is this awesome-looking movie abou the invention of the Face Book in a Harvard dorm room in 2004.



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