If I’d have known you were coming I’d have baked a cake!

26 Sep

I have not been sure about adding recipes and food exploits to this blog- and I have gone back and forth. On one hand, the blog should have some semblance of topic or focus, but on the other hand, how am I really theming my blog anyway? I suppose if I had to nail it down it would be…the art of living? As horribly Martha-Stewart-esque as that little tagline is, I like it. This blog is about the things that make my life more beautiful and the things that I find thought-provoking.

So, thank you for coming.

I baked a cake.

My new favorite website is http://www.epicurious.com it is run by Bon Apetit magazine’s publishers and it has a broad range of recipes from all sorts of magazines etc. I had been using sites like AllRecipes to find recipes-on-demand I didn’t have in any of my cookbooks. However, AllRecipes seems to be the Wikipedia of cooking sites. It’s great as far as range of content- but it’s a reader-edited site- which is sometimes awesome, but sometimes a risk.

Epicurious has the best of both worlds. It’s recipes are more…’official’, meaning they have been published by an actual cooking publication. It has a wide range of interesting recipes, easily identifiable vegetarian options, and wine suggestions. I searched ‘stuffed peppers’ and came up with a variety of recipes that I could easily sift through to find the one I liked best. The recipes often include a picture, and always say what magazine they are from. A cool feature is the reviews section- where other cooks give their advice  and tips for customizing the recipe. And here is the best part- sign up for a free account on Epicurious and you can save recipes to a virtual recipe box for easy access AND even compile a shopping list based on your recipes! I love it!

So, I may have just infomercialled my secret weapon- but it’s so good, I couldn’t resist sharing. And, without further to do, my Blueberry-Raspberry Cake

Recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Blueberry-Raspberry-Cake-1621

I served it with Dark Chocolate Hagen-Daz ice cream, but I would suggest going more of a straight-up vanilla route- it’s better with the cinnamon topping.


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