A Daily Ratio of 30 minutes studying : 30 minutes Pride and Prejudice

11 Oct

As it is mid terms week and I have a particularly nasty breed of paper to write, I am unable to really post something good, even though I’ve had some delightful ideas. So, I’ll just do a little quasi-post. It’s small, but I think you’ll quite enjoy it.

Today was a day of intervals. My roommate had been assigned a project on Sense and Sensibility for an English class, so she had the movie on, which compelled me to pull out my DVD(s) (so plural!) of the BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice over the past two days I have completed the series in bits and pieces- while I’m making dinner, cleaning the kitchen and mostly, in between bursts of inspired paragraph-production and chapters of The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier. As Jane might say, it was quite a pleasant diversion. (If you haven’t noticed I am an avid Jane Austen fan. Books first, of course, but the movie adaptations are and this one in particular is delightful)

So, I’m in a little bit of a Darcy and Lizzie high right now. It’s just so. good. Plain and simple. I would pontificate on the merits of Austen as applicable to my life, as academic, as genius. But, I’ve been writing all day, and I have more to read before bed. Instead, I’ll post some of the wonderful scenes that have gotten me through today on a little cloud of well-crafted literature…

I like my men…sweaty, tortured, covered with pond water?

One of Colin Firth’s best moments: Darcy is falling in love with Elizabeth’s tact and friendliness toward his sister. One of the hidden gems of the series.




I am cutting myself off. And now, back to homework.



3 Responses to “A Daily Ratio of 30 minutes studying : 30 minutes Pride and Prejudice”

  1. girlgeum October 11, 2010 at 11:31 pm #

    Although that river scene wasn’t in the book, I think it added wonderfully to the storyline.

    I’m usually hard on adaptations, but this one I loved. The Keira Knightley version, not so much.

  2. mzoobek October 12, 2010 at 8:17 am #

    I agree, it’s a pretty visual scene.

    Totally with you on the 2005 version. It just, didn’t get it.

  3. crazygoangirl October 22, 2010 at 8:02 am #

    Love this series and Colin Firth is totally edible :) Your post has inspired me to pull out my own DVDs…maybe this weekend :)

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