Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

6 Nov

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men is the directorial debut of The Office and Away We Go’s John Krasinski. I am a big fan of all of the above, so I had to see it. The movie is really, quite great. First of all the idea, (based on the book by David Foster Wallace) is rather brilliant. The basic narrative follows a woman through her process of interviewing a group of men as part of empirical research in feminist theory. She asks the men to be candid, about their sexual lives, their dreams, their fears. Her theory is that there is a lot you can learn about women by talking to men.

The movie is very interestingly shot. It moves in time and space quite fluidly, taking us back and forth in time as we piece together the various stories at play. The characters move in the setting in very interesting ways as well. For example, as one man sits in the interview room talking about his memories of his father, his father’s workplace appears around him as he describes it.

The film is both hilarious (Will Forte’s character is supremely funny) and powerfully insightful. The one criticism I might have is that occasionally the acting gets a little monologue-y- something that would read more effectively on the stage than on screen. However, having said this, there are some great monologues in there. All-in-all I enjoyed it- I am excited to see if Krasinki continues to direct in the future.

For perhaps a more intelligent take on things:


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