Inch’allah Dimanche

12 Feb

This movie was so moving for me. The story of a young Algerian immigrant family, set in the 1970s, just when French law began to allow the families of male immigrant  workers to join them in France. Maybe it’s because the filmmaler, Yamina Benguigui is in fact a member of an Algerian French immigrant family, but this movie really poignantly captures the immigrant experience.

I am currently in the midst of research for a paper on Franco-Algerian relations in regards to migration- which is why I took note of this film on the syllabus of my French class- and took a study break to watch it- (am I a diligent student or am I a diligent student!). The main character, Zouina is so well captured, so well played. It really drove home for me how desperately heartbreaking the immigrant experience can be- especially knowing what I do about French prejudice toward North Africans. Really a great film and a fascinating subject!


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