24 Feb

I saw this a while ago at the Music Box Theatre with a friend. It’s made by the same people who made The Triplets of Belleville, which I have yet to see, but which is on my Netflix queue. The most notable part of this film is the animation style, which is just beautiful. Similar to my earlier post about The Secret of Kells, the drawn animation is refreshing in the wake of so many computer-animated movies. The colors are just great. So great. I want to put on some (spoiler alert?) red Mary Janes and walk right into the world of this movie.

The characters are interesting, an old Frenchman, the illusionist, and a young Scottish girl from a coastal village who stows away with him, believing that he can provide everything she needs through his ‘magic’, when in reality he works extra jobs and makes extra sacrifices to provide for her. The movie says some interesting things about the process of growing up and the debt we owe to those who care for us.


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