And We’re Back.

6 Oct

Hello tiny readership of my rinky-dink little personal blog. It’s been awhile.

Where have I been? Well, for one thing: Switzerland. ( I studied en Suisse this past year and cheated on Love Of Green with my sultry little Tumblr travel blog.

But, we’ve reconciled, don’t worry kids, mom and blog are not getting a divorce, we were just temporarily separated.

What am I doing now?

Well, it’s year 4 at DePaul and I am diving right on in. This quarter I’m taking two International Studies classes, an Honors class on race and an Intro to Journalism class.

Which leads me to my big shift, which has been the pivot to center stage of my journalistic ambitions. Cue ode-singing to NPR and Twitter stalking of The Atlantic’s staff writers. Foreign correspondent, staff writer, assistant editor are all very attractive sounding job titles.

This doesn’t mean I’ve decided against NGO/non-profit/fair trade/teaching English abroad/opening a book store slash coffee shop where people read thick books and fall in love, ambitions. It just means, there’s another item to include in ‘all of the above’

You can follow my progress in byline-collecting and other journalistic pursuits here: (updates coming soon)

I’ve been writing for the DePaulia (DePaul’s student paper), have some ideas in the pipeline for stories with some other blog sites, and as of about an hour ago applied for a freelance position at How Stuff Works. If anyone is looking for a writing or interested in a blogging collab of any sort, shoot me an email at

Anyway, I decided to return to this blog at long last, because perusing its archives reminded me how much I liked sharing my thoughts and interests with my dear friend the internet (and hopefully also with some real people on the other side of the most supreme internetwork).

So, movie recommendations, book lists and my general thoughts du jour are on their way. If that sounds like something you’d like to add to your to-read list, I’d be more than delighted.



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