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Cozy: 2012 November/December Playlist

19 Nov

I’ve decided to make the collaborative playlist idea a regular thing.

My vision for this blog at this point is to experiment with different kinds of interactive media/shared curations etc.- book clubs, film discussions, live watching things together. I want to have a conversation with you. More on that soon (anyone wanting to watch Borgen, LinkTV will be posting the episodes online starting on Thanksgiving and they’ll be available for two weeks. I cannot recommend it enough, seriously watch it and watch yourself slowly, magnetically pulled toward Denmark. I’m ready to move to Copenhagen at the drop of a hat now myself.

So I posted on Facebook about the collaborative playlist earlier this week and so far have had a great response with a ton of great songs.

The theme is cozy and I’ve gotten a great mix of songs. It’s kind of nice to have a playlist that’s not so in-your-face Christmasy, to enjoy in the late November/early December period. You know, because ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ can wait a few weeks, but you can never get enough of Judy Garland singing ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ or Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas album.

From the six collaborators (seven counting me) so far we’ve got 55 wonderful tracks- Christmas music, songs about Winter and generally songs to wear wool socks and read leatherbound books by the fire to.

Anyone is welcome to add away- the more the cozier!

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