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Things I Love About Enya (That You Should Also Love About Enya)

10 Oct

Yesterday was a slippery slope of internet distraction for me. Sure, I read the assigned UN Report on social conditions in the Soviet-bloc transition, but you can bet I read some Rookie articles and retweeted some very important things between pages (let’s be honest, between sentences).  It wasn’t good.

One of my many vital distractions was music browsing. In a pathetic attempt at justifying my non-homework browsing, I decided to find some good ‘study music’. Honestly, the only thing I’ve ever effectively studied to has been the soundtrack from the infinitely inferior non-BBC movie version of Pride and Prejudice…so that’s weird. So deep down I knew I was just wasting precious time, but the overt justification kept my conscience at least marginally cleaner.

At first I was hitting up some Celtic Woman, but it didn’t quite hit the mark, so I sidled over to another old favorite in the PBS-esque Celtic pop genre (which I love, by the way. No apologies.) to the GODDESS OF NEW AGE CELTIC POP.


Enya, of course. (pictured here impersonating a pensive poppy)

Who else?

I’ve been rocking out to Enya since I was a 4th grade Catholic school girl who would pretend to céilí dance in the living room. My love for Enya only intensified during my hard-core Lord of the Rings fandom slash write-poems-about-elves phase, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

What do I love about Enya?

1. Her 90s aesthetic feels very homey and comfortable to my 1991-present self.

2. The font of her signature, which appears on all her album covers. Can I get that font? Can I use it on all future documents? Can I print resumes in that font?

3. She makes a ton of Tolkien references. From a song called Lothlorien to her actual appearance on the soundtrack to the Fellowship of the Ring, you can tell she’s familiar with Middle Earth, which in my eyes is a sign of good character.

4. Her given name is: Eithne Ní Bhraonáin. So yeah, she’s Irish.

5. Everyone secretly loves Enya. If you think you don’t like Enya, you need to look deeper into yourself.

6. Before she started her solo career, she played keyboard for her family band (promoting Teamocil perhaps?)- which is a sign of her independent spirit, as if the flowiness of her dresses wasn’t already sufficient proof of that.

7. She started her own recording studio, and it’s called ‘Aigle’, French for eagle. Again, her spirit is the most free.

8. Her heavy use of backup singers singing in unknown tongues.

9. Mainstream musicians routinely sample Enya songs. Mario Winans sampled the Enya song Boadicea, but only after producer P. Diddy personally contacted Enya to ask for permission. Enya walked away with 60% of the profits from the song.

10. Sail away, sail away, sail away…

What do you love about Enya? Because it’s not a question of whether or not you love her…you definitely do.

Enya – Book Of Days – Remastered 2009 – still brings the tears. Post your favorite Enya song or your favorite Enya fact in the comments.

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