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Cozy: 2012 November/December Playlist

19 Nov

I’ve decided to make the collaborative playlist idea a regular thing.

My vision for this blog at this point is to experiment with different kinds of interactive media/shared curations etc.- book clubs, film discussions, live watching things together. I want to have a conversation with you. More on that soon (anyone wanting to watch Borgen, LinkTV will be posting the episodes online starting on Thanksgiving and they’ll be available for two weeks. I cannot recommend it enough, seriously watch it and watch yourself slowly, magnetically pulled toward Denmark. I’m ready to move to Copenhagen at the drop of a hat now myself.

So I posted on Facebook about the collaborative playlist earlier this week and so far have had a great response with a ton of great songs.

The theme is cozy and I’ve gotten a great mix of songs. It’s kind of nice to have a playlist that’s not so in-your-face Christmasy, to enjoy in the late November/early December period. You know, because ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ can wait a few weeks, but you can never get enough of Judy Garland singing ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ or Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas album.

From the six collaborators (seven counting me) so far we’ve got 55 wonderful tracks- Christmas music, songs about Winter and generally songs to wear wool socks and read leatherbound books by the fire to.

Anyone is welcome to add away- the more the cozier!


Help Me Build an October Playlist!

8 Oct

I once heard somewhere that in this cultural moment, curating has become the mainstream form of self-expression. That articulation has stuck with me- because I feel like that’s what I’m always doing when I’m online. We’ve created this network where we can store and share information, so it makes sense that via collaboration, we have all become digital age librarians of arts, culture, politics, really of everything.

I’m not sure how I feel about that, I guess it is what it is.

Regardless, here’s something I’d like to curate together. I’ve created a collaborative playlist on Spotify called “That Curious Love of Green: October Playlist”- add whatever songs you’re listening to right now- I’d love to have a listen.

That Curious Love of Green: October 2012 Playlist

I’d like to highlight one of the tracks I’ve added to the playlist. Paper Bird is a band based on Denver, CO. Full disclosure, I became familiar with the band because two of its members are second cousins of mine (oh, the perks of having a big old Irish Catholic Midwestern American family).

The track I included on the playlist, “Firenze” is my favorite off their new album. Their older stuff is much more bluegrassy, and I would most definitely add those albums to a summery playlist or a hit-the-open road playlist (warning though, it will make you want to move out west). But I have loved listening to their new album “Carry On” as its gotten colder this year.

I saw the group live in September, and I realized how much their sound seems to have evolved from their earlier work. I’m a fan of both styles, each suited to different moods/moments.

So, if you’re in the mood for a good autumnal album to study to, give “Carry On” a listen.

ALSO, this is so cool: The band did a collaborative event with the Denver Ballet this past September, which looked like it was so awesome.

Hm. Denver Calling?

Death By Honeycomb

13 Apr

And now, a shameless plug.

A friendof mine plays in this great little outfit out of Toledo, recently dubbed Death By Honeycomb.

I’m a big fan of this high-caliber piano/guitar duo and happy to say their MySpace page is now a regular fixture on my links list to the right.

Check them out here!

She and Him: Volume I

3 Feb

This is a great album from duo group She & Him (She being Zoey Deschanel and Him being M. Ward). She & Him has many of the components I look for in a musical group: great vocals, raw acoustics, a good mix of upbeat and relaxed rhythms…

Zoey sings most of the vocals, if you have heard her voice (perhaps in Elf?) you will recognize her unique sound. Her voice is very raw and untrained- giving it lots of charm and energy.

There isn’t a song on the album I don’t love! I never shuffle through She & Him.

Here is a video of one of my favorite songs from the album, ‘Change is Hard’

If you like She & Him check out some of M. Ward’s solo stuff- a lot different but also great!

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